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Alles und Gott und der Rest

2013-04-15 by Axel Reinhold, tagged as math philosophy
Mit 10 Jahren entdeckt Andrew Wiles 1963 den 2500 Jahre alten, jedermann bekannten Satz des Pythagoras a²+b²=c² und das eigentlich einfache darauf aufbauende Problem, dass es keine ganzzahlige Lösung fuer höhere Potenzen als 2 gibt.

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fighting against slowloris attack

2010-07-22 by Axel Reinhold, tagged as apache, network, security
Last week my webserver was hit by a "slowloris" attack. slowloris is a simple and effective low-bandwidth Deny-Of-Service-attack which brings almost every apache to its knees.

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GreenSQL database firewall production report

2010-07-05 by Axel Reinhold, tagged as performance, security
Since 24.06.2010 i use GreenSQL database firewall in production on my root server. Here are some experiences and a performance report.

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SATA Drives exception PHYRdyChg timeout

2010-05-24 by Axel Reinhold, tagged as hardware, linux
Between two and five times a month i had sata kernel exceptions with 40 seconds timeouts and freezing the server completely.

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sendmail client authentication failed with TLS

2010-03-04 by Axel Reinhold, tagged as email
When sending mail with sendmail to a providers SMTP-server authentication was not done because STARTTLS disabled advertising authorization methods on the server side.

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Oracle EE refused to install into OpenVZ

2010-02-07 by Axel Reinhold, tagged as openvz, oracle
Oracle Express Edition 10g refused to install into an OpenVZ container with the following message: This system does not meet the minimum requirements for swap space.

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