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fighting against slowloris attack

2010-07-22 by Axel Reinhold, tagged as apache, network, security
Last week my webserver was hit by a "slowloris" attack. slowloris is a simple and effective low-bandwidth Deny-Of-Service-attack which brings almost every apache to its knees.

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no ssh login because of currupt /dev/null

2009-11-10 by Axel Reinhold, tagged as linux, network
After a reboot i could no more login via ssh to a hosted server. The reason was /dev/null being an ordinary file instead of a character special device.

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OpenVZ with VEs in different subnet

2009-11-08 by Axel Reinhold, tagged as network, openvz
My hosting company supplies additional IPs for my server in a different subnet as the main IP for the server. This is not directly supported by OpenVZ.

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